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Opens 7/8/05
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Click on the thumbnails below to view pictures from the Wheaton Drama production of You Can't Take It With You by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Directed by Craig Gustafson, Producers: Sutton Skowron, Penny Salvesen, Sheila Zinke, Stage Manager: Ashley Ottenstein

PENNY: Susan Able Barry
ESSIE: Trish Keenan
RHEBA: Sutton Skowron
PAUL: Alan Kortas
MR. DePINNA: Merel Marine
ED: Houston Bridges
DONALD: Adam Leston
GRANDPA: Stan Kosek
ALICE: Alison Fyhrie
HENDERSON: Matthew T. Allan
TONY: John Work
KOLENKHOV: Colin Delaney
GAY: Carla Mutone
MR. KIRBY: Bill Barry, Jr.
MRS. KIRBY: Aimee Kennedy-Cohler
FBI MAN: John Dooley
JIM: Angelicque Cate
MAC: Matthew T. Allan
OLGA: Angelicque Cate

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Some temporary cast changes were made on July 17

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