“Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare runs September 28 – October 6. September 28, 29; October 4, 5, 6 at 8:00; September 29, 30 at 2:00 at First Street Playhouse, 160 S. Water Street (S.E. corner of First and Water), Batavia. Call (630) 406-6367 for reservations and information, or order online at First Street Playhouse. Citizens under seventeen will not be admitted unless accompanied by citizens over seventeen.

The following production photos are not by Michael Lanners, they're by me; which is why they aren't as well done. You can see Mike's photos by clicking here. However, we now have the set painted and all the costumes in place.

Lucentio (Robert S. Richardson) and his servant Trania (Marie Clawson) [gender-bent from Tranio] arrive in Padua.

Gremio (Don Gingold) and Hortensio (Lars Timpa) discuss how to get a wooer for Katharina.

Trania & Lucentio change identities simply by switching clothes. No one will be able to tell the difference now!

Disguised as Lucentio, Trania, hiding behind Biondello (Kevin Gum), explains his (her) logic for wooing Bianca to Hortensio and Gremio.

Hortensio, disguised as the music teacher Licio, is introduced to Baptista by Petruchio (Randall W. Knott)

Trania informs Baptista (Larry Boller) that she brings gifts of "this simple instrument and this small packet" about which Biondello is a bit offended "of Greek and Latin books."

Baptista cringes as Hortensio describes his mistreatment at the hands of Katharina.

"A witty mother. Witless else her son." The banter of Katharina (Catie Early) and Petruchio.

Cambio (Lucentio) and Licio (Hortensio) vie for the attention of Bianca (Nora Manca).

Katharina's wedding day -- and the groom is a No Show. Baptista, Kate & Gremio above, wedding guests (John Gould, Marjorie Gustafson & Harry Davis) below.

"His horse comes with him on his back." Biondello pays the price for being a smart ass.

The drunken groom Petruchio throws a companionable arm around Lucentio (Trania) and finds something odd...

"Carouse full measure to her maidenhead!" Petruchio takes command.

Grumio (Alan Kortas) follows the intermission bantering with Petruchio's servant Curtis (Marjorie Gustafson). And yes, what she is holding is used when he says "Lend thine ear." I think the word "shameless" applies.

Petruchio's servants (Kevin Gum, John Gould, Alan Kortas, Harry Davis, Emily Gingold and Marjorie Gustafson) flee in horror at his approach.

Licio (Hortensio) shows Lucentio (Trania) exactly how faithful Bianca is -- not very. She's behind a hedge with Cambio (Lucentio) and clothes are flying everywhere.

Grumio failing miserably at intimidating the Tailor (Emily Gingold).

Trania prompts the Pedant (John Gould) on his backstory in his disguise as Vincentio.

"Young budding virgin!" Kate makes a woman of Vincentio (Harry Davis).

"I'll bear it all myself." Lucentio makes an ill-advised wager.

Kate instructs the Widow (Marjorie Gustafson) and Bianca, as Grumio, Bianca's maid (Emily Gingold) and Biondello watch.

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