“Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare runs September 28 – October 6. September 28, 29; October 4, 5, 6 at 8:00; September 29, 30 at 2:00 at First Street Playhouse, 160 S. Water Street (S.E. corner of First and Water), Batavia. Call (630) 406-6367 for reservations and information, or order online at First Street Playhouse. Citizens under seventeen will not be admitted unless accompanied by citizens over seventeen.

The following production photos are by Michael Lanners. They were taken early during production week, so not all costumes were there and Psychedelic Set Painting hadn't yet been accomplished. But these will give you an idea of the show. Later photos are available here: Shrewposter 2.

Lucentio(Robert S. Richardson) has arrived in Padua, Italy, 1569 -- or perhaps Wheaton, Illinois, 1969 -- and is explaining his burning love for the fair Bianca to his servant Trania (Marie Clawson).

Gremio (Don Gingold) realizes that Kate (Catie Early) is about to kick his ass.

Hortensio (Lars Timpa) discusses the pros and cons of wooing Katharina with Petruchio (Randall W. Knott).

Kate plays hard-boiled detective with her sister Bianca (Nora Manca -- the one in the handcuffs).

Baptista (Larry Boller) releases the prisoner.

Trania, disguised as Lucentio, is supposed to be wooing Bianca for the real Lucentio, but finds herself attracted to Bianca's father, Baptista.

Kate belittles Petruchio (Randall W. Knott).

Kate & Petruchio; more of a cast smile than a character smile.

Kate & Petruchio. Petruchio lets his fingers do the walking.

Hortensio (Lars Timpa), in his cunning disguise as a musician, woos Bianca.

Bianca breaks up a fight between Hortensio and Lucentio.

Petruchio and Trania (Marie Clawson), disguised at Lucentio. There's something odd about this Lucentio fellow...

Petruchio's servant Grumio (Alan Kortas) has his feelings hurt at the wedding.

Petruchio confers with his servants, played by Kevin Gum, Emily Gingold and Marjorie Gustafson.

Pedant (John Gould), Trania & Baptista (with Biondello (Kevin Gum) - behind them. No really; there's something odd about this Lucentio fellow...

The Pedant and Trania - in the scene where we discover that Shakespeare invented Charades.

Vincentio (Harry Davis) discovers another Vincentio -- the Pedant.

Petruchio & Kate.

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