Part I: The Early Years; or, My Nights with Clara Bow

For those of you who've made it this far, congratulations! Here are the first one hundred shows I was involved in. Thanks for dropping by. Lots of pictures to load -- please be patient.

Not Actually Craig.

100 2/21/94 Assassins Cutting

also pictured: Joy Kenyon

also pictured: Joy Kenyon, Christopher Hickman
Charles Guiteau
99 1/14/94 Sly Fox
Jethro Crouch
98 5/7/93 Rumors Lenny Ganz
97 4/25/93 Farewell, Crystal Dunsaman
Staged Reading
Shelby Lash
96 2/5/93 Twelve Angry Men Juror #2
95 10/10/92 Tongues and Animal Crackers
with Joy Kenyon

Specially commissioned comedy sketch for the
1992 International Living in Leather Convention
at the Vic Theater in Chicago.
Not into the lifestyle; strictly hired entertainment.
94 8/7/92 Chicago
Amos Hart
93 5/28/92 How to Succeed in Business
Without Really Trying
Bud Frump
92 2/1/92 Alice in Wonderland
The Mad Hatter
91 11/30/91 The Nutcracker Drosselmeyer
90 11/3/91 Alice in Wonderland
Staged Reading
The Mad Hatter
89 7/25/91 My Fair Lady Alfred P. Doolittle
88 4/91 Artistic License
87 2/15/91 The Importance of Being Earnest

pictured: Annie Walker-Bright & Louise Batey; Louise Batey
86 11/17/90 Dark Side of the Farce
Romantic Visions
Intimate Conversations
Who's Got the Priest?

85 3/9/90 A Funny Thing Happened on
the Way to the Forum

pictured: Brian Daly, Ron Leaneagh, Matt Gilbert, Lars Timpa; Louise Batey, Matt Gilbert
84 7/20/89 The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 Director
83 5/7/89 Who's Got the Priest?

also pictured: back row: Peter Hibbs, Matt Gilbert; middle row: Mary GreatHootersBritChick, Joe Reilly, Jeanne Scurek; front row, me and Cynthia Marie
Father Dubois
82 3/3/89 The Playboy of the Western World Director
81 1/13/89 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Dale Harding
80 11/11/88 Rags

also pictured: Brenda Kleckner, 2 It's-Been-Too-Long-I-Forgot's and Joe Reilly
79 10/18/88 Behind the Beyond Jack Harding
78 7/16/88 My Emperor's New Clothes

also pictured: John Apodaca
Mr. Skreech
77 5/6/88 The Foreigner

Amazing how much weight you'll take off when you get a lead...
76 2/25/88 Bleacher Bums

also pictured: Martha Lidecka
75 2/5/88 Mingle, Among the Demons

pictured: center: Brian Daly; top row: Chris Able, Joe Reilly, Lars Timpa (in the frog head), Joy Kenyon, Brenda Kleckner, John Wiseman, Joe Reilly, Joy Kenyon, Mimi Munch, Brenda Kleckner, Lars Timpa; bottom row: Jim Aiello, Patty Yuen, Mimi Munch, Chris Able

pictured: Brian Daly, Joy Kenyon, Lars Timpa
74 10/23/87 The Mystery of Edwin Drood

also pictured: back row: Lars Timpa, Kim Schultz, Kathy Racine, It's-Been-Too-Long-I-Forgot, Jeff Jones, Donna Greer, I-B-T-L-I-F, John Wiseman, Jody Reedy, Brenda Kleckner
front row: Jan Mahlstedt, Terry Foster, Mike Early, Mary Breier, me, Jerry Haseman, the phenomenally-breasted Sheri Davis and David Cottingham

practicing in case I ever meet the late Phillipe Halsman
73 9/25/87 Autumn Stories
"Count Dracula" by Woody Allen
72 9/11/87 Working

also pictured: Anne Hunt
Conrad Swibel
71 5/31/87 Mingle, Among the Demons
Staged Reading
70 5/22/87 A Chorus Line Stage Manager
69 4/10/87 The Taming of the Shrew

also pictured: Roger Rueff, JoAnn Kujawinski.
Yes, I was 158 pounds at one point in my adult life...
Vincentio, etc.
68 2/13/87 A Night in the Ukraine

pictured: standing: Gena King, Lorraine Kintigh, Joe Garbe, sitting: Brian Rude, Pete Graziano, Dan Muir, Martha Lidecka
67 12/27/86 West Side Story Glad Hand
66 12/12/86 A Christmas Medley
I Am a Fine Musician
Willie Claus
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
Santa Claus is Missing Your House

Trombone Player
Willie Claus
Oscar the Grouch
65 11/7/86 A Streetcar Named Desire Steve
64 10/10/86 West Side Story Stagehand
63 9/19/86 Autumn Stories
"A Curious Dream" by Mark Twain
62 9/6/86 You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Linus
61 7/17/86 Arsenic and Old Lace Dr. Einstein
60 7/13/86 Inherit the Wind Juror
59 6/19/86 You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Linus
58 4/18/86 A Funny Thing Happened on
the Way to the Forum

also pictured: Jeff Jones
57 11/7/85 As You Like It

also pictured: Bryan DeYoung
56 8/23/85 Don't Ever Think Tony Confetti
55 7/85 Whatever Happened to
Spanky McFarland?
Tom Dossle
54 5/85 The Hothouse Lobb
53 2/85 The Celebration Hurin
52 11/8/84 She Loves Me Ladislav Sipos
51 8/84 Farewell, Crystal Dunsaman
World Premiere

also pictured: top row: Lars Timpa, Ollie Ladd, Mary Medeiros, Yvonne Bossow, Alison Jacoby; middle row: me, Mimi Munch, Mike Lanners; bottom row: Susan Elkins
Shelby Lash
50 8/84 Peer Gynt Troll King
49 4/3/84 Nor Are We Out Of It

also pictured: Michael Jacobson, Laura Lindsey, Dave Skvarla, Dean Monti, Suzanne Zachreus, Patty Yuen
Tony Confetti
48 2/14/84 Tartuffe

also pictured: Beth Brown (now Elizabeth Monti)
47 11/10/83 Chicago
Amos Hart
46 7/26/83 Guiditta Stagehand
45 7/24/83 The Rimers of Eldritch

also pictured: Ren� Ruelas, Steve Gregory
Peck Johnson
44 7/22/83 The Pajama Game
Vernon Hines
43 2/22/83 Deception, Despair and Tears
(A Comedy)
42 10/19/82 Endgame Nagg
41 7/26/82 Madame Butterfly
40 7/24/82 Dames at Sea

also pictured: Jill Weiseman, Liz Yokas, It's-Been-Too-Long-I-Forgot
39 7/24/82 The Woofyman

also pictured: unidentified Crocodile, Bryan DeYoung
Bad Narkle
38 7/22/82 Once in a Lifetime Lawrence Vail
37 4/27/82 It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
Old Man
36 3/10/82 Return of the
Sinister Zanglemangle

The General
35 2/23/82 Whatever Happened to
Spanky McFarland?

pictured: Chris Able, Chris Neesley
34 1/24/82 Intimate Conversations

also pictured: Chris Able, Patti Maher, Dan Haley, Mimi Munch (kneeling)
33 1/14/82 The Misanthrope

also pictured: Jim Stenhouse
32 12/12/81 Amahl and the Night Visitors Shepherd
31 11/5/81 Macbeth

also pictured: Mimi Munch, Lisa Schultz
30 10/27/81 The Workhouse Ward

pictured: Cindy Dollarhide, Sean Dontremember
29 7/27/81 La Boheme

also pictured: Janet Perry
28 7/25/81 Grease

also pictured: Jill Weiseman, Lee Levato

pictured: Michele McAninch, Ruth Varland
27 7/25/81 The Lopinmazical Trunise

also pictured: Liz Yokas
Minzer the Sour
26 7/23/81 Street Scene

also pictured: Beth Keske
Abraham Kaplan
25 5/7/81 The Place of Broken Feet

also pictured: Jim Stenhouse, Dan Haley, Mimi Munch, Barb Prescott, Ellen Carroll
24 4/29/81 The Sinister Zanglemangle's Revenge
The General
23 4/9/81 The Carpenters

also pictured: Chris Neesley
22 2/12/81 The Country Wife

also pictured: Mimi Munch.
Mr. Sparkish
21 2/3/81 How He Lied to Her Husband

also pictured: Jan Moran
Teddy Bompas
20 11/6/80 Iphigenia at Aulis

also pictured: Terri Reardon
Second Messenger
19 10/28/80 The Monkey's Paw Director
18 9/80 The Wizard of Oz Wizard
17 7/26/80 The Maple Wart One Flat
16 7/25/80 La Traviata Chorus
15 7/23/80 The Beggar's Opera Peachum
14 6/80 The Emperor's New Clothes The Emperor
13 5/1/80 The Curious Savage Samuel Savage
12 4/17/80 Harry Larry McBerry and
the Sinister Zanglemangle

also pictured: Big Upsidedown Foot
The General
11 2/14/80 Romeo and Juliet

Yes, that's my real hair. Also my real legs, although not as striking in pink tights as in the black ones for "Once Upon a Mattress."
10 11/8/79 An Italian Straw Hat

also pictured: Joy Jackson
Uncle Vezinet
9 5/79 Treasure Island Dick Johnson
8 8/8/78 Once Upon a Mattress
King Sextimus
7 3/16/78 The Man Who Came to Dinner

also pictured: Charmaine Tellefsen, Nancy Baker
Sheridan Whiteside
6 2/78 Mourning Pictures The Orderly
5 2/78 Two Pails of Water Alfonso Goldpurse
4 5/6/76 My Fair Lady Zoltan Karpathy
3 4/76 25% for Insurance Ronald Kent
2 1/26/76 A Tribute to Thornton Wilder Horace
, et al.
1 10/17/73 Harvey
Judge Gaffney

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